The Company is primarily involved in Hotel and Resort development and offers management consulting services from pre to post management status of development.

Sherwood is a full fledged management consulting company with more than 15 years experience in this business.

Over the years, we have been involved in various projects in all kinds of scenarios such as new projects at conceptual design stage, projects at 60% to 80% of development stage where we have tremendous datelines and obligations to meet, assume management of distressed hotels and restart abandoned projects . We have worked and negotiated with all kinds of Owners, be it family owned, company owned, govt. owned, public listed and even bankers, lawyers and accountants. Hence, the exposure and experience we have acquired have benefited us in so many ways that we can continuously add value to our services and ensure results are delivered.

We understand our role as Hotel Management Consultants and our professional obligations is to ensure that Owners investment are well managed and its return are realized.

Our Objectives

- To provide management support services at the highest professional level.

- To safeguard the investment and interest of the Owner's property and ensure a return in investment
   for the Owners and Shareholders.

- As a corporate citizen, we will do our part in contributing towards the growth of the tourism industry
  in Malaysia

- To position Sherwood as one of the leading Malaysian hotel management consulting company in
   this Region.

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