Sherwood's core expertise is in providing consulting services for Hotels and Resorts during pre opening and post management status.

We position ourselves as Solution Services provider with a strong niche in facilitating performance management coaching resources. (click here:

1.  Pre-Opening Management Services

     1.1.  Project Consultants / Management Consultants / Corporate Management Services - what kind of               services we can offer to the following category of Hotel Owners:

              i.   Hotel Owners who have new projects - conceptual design stage
              ii.  Hotel Owners who have new projects but already started, say 30% to 60 % completion
                   stage of development.

              iii. Hotel Owners having problems managing their own hotels and require turnaround services                    for implementation of proper system and procedures and develop business strategies to                    improve  financial performance.

     1.2.  What are the scope of services we can offer:

        1.2.1  Conceptual Design - we can provide technical and advisory support services and work with the                    Architects and various consultants to come up with a product in line with Owners vision and                    budget.

        1.2.2  Technical Support Services - we can assist to review layout drawings of various hotel facilities,                    including the back house. Our objective is to have an end product that is marketable and user                    friendly for customer with good operations efficiency.

        1.2.3  Interior Design Support Services - Interior design themes , concept and materials used has to                    be in line with the overall product identity and its positioning in the market . In addition, careful                    consideration must be given to the budget and most of all to the 'life span' of the product /                    property.
        1.2.4  Procurement - assist to source and procure various operating supplies and equipment. There                    are so many needs to procure before the Hotel commence business and can be very 'mind                    boggling' to Hotel Owners unfamiliar with the needs of the Hotel. Careful planning will ensure                    budget is well managed.

        1.2.5  Manpower Planning and Development - human resource management is one of the most                    challenging areas of management given the present attitude of the workers in this industry.                    Demand for skilled and experience workers at various levels are very lacking. Good personnel                    policies with the right welfare and compensation schemes will ensure high productivity which will                    in turn provide good service to customers and ensure low staff turnover.  We assist in all areas of                    personnel function, i.e. from interviewing, selection, recruitment, training and development.

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