1.2.6  Sales and Marketing - this is one of the key areas in management function. We have sound                    knowledge of mainstream marketing for domestic and overseas marketing. In addition, we have                    a huge data of various networking in govt. and commercial accounts for meetings and outing                    groups and good networking with various travel and tour operators in the country. Our primary
                   role is to formulate, develop and implement an effective business development strategy for
                   sales and marketing to be implemented by the management team.

        1.2.7  Organization Planning and Set Up - a lot of planning and contingencies are involved towards the                    pre-opening and opening of a Hotel. It involves a lot of details, policies formulation, operational                    methods, management set up and most of all timing, implementation and execution of plans to                    achieve the desired result.

        1.2.8  Financial Planning - we can assist in providing the necessary budgets, financial projections and                    cash flow requirement in order for Owners to plan their working capital and funding .

        1.2.9  Corporate Services (turnaround services) - this is where we undertake to turnaround
                   distressed properties or abandoned projects wanting to restart. We normally do an operations                    and administrative audit to assess the project status. Thereon, we provide our workout
                   proposals to turnaround the businesses of the Hotel.

2.  Post Management Services - Hotel Operator

This is where we assumed management of the Hotel where we are responsible for management, operations and business development.

As responsible management consultants, you are our clients and partners in business. Our interest is
your investment which you have entrusted to us. Hence, we have to make sure that you stay in business,
so that we are in business.

Our business and management philosophy is in line with our motto and that is:
'Committed * Transparent * Focus'.

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