Why Choose Sherwood

How Sherwood Hotel Management can add value and contribute additional business support:

1.  Immediate availability of our company resources namely:
     i.   Networking in sales and marketing with leading tour operators in Malaysia is good. Likewise, with           some leading overseas tour operators.
     ii.  We have a strong data bank of govt., corporate and commercial accounts in Klang Valley that have           been supporting our properties for meetings and outings group.
     iii. Corporate branding of Sherwood provides immediate recognition and access to tour operators for           programming and contracting.

2.  We are able to formulate system and modules ready for implementation;  areas in administration,      operations, sales and marketing.

3.  Sherwood corporate branding is known in the market place among Tourism Malaysia, Travel Agents and       listing of our regular supporters coming from commercial and govt. account. Hence, introduction of new       product awareness is easily promoted through our branding.

4.  Economies of scale for Hotel Owners as there is a lot of value, goodwill and mileage especially in      marketing as marketing cost is shared. On your own would be very expensive.

5.  We have managed hotels and resorts from piling stage, turnaround crisis hotels, assume management      of existing hotels and restructuring the business strategies. We have gone through all kinds of      scenarios.

6.  Having gone through 2 economic crisis of 87 / 88 and 97 / 98 and current market condition now being      even more challenging, we have acquired vast knowledge and skills. We are more prudent, focused in      our objectives and most of all, we have been tested.

7.  Hands on management coming from the Director / CEO of the company. I guide and supervise the GMs      personally, am very involved in corporate marketing and Owners get my personal attention. There will be      total transparency and commitment from me.

8.  Sherwood Hotel Management has the potential to grow as one of the leading players in the tourism      industry. It needs the support of Malaysian and overseas investors and recognize the level of      professionalism of Malaysian Hotel Operators.

9.  Having professional hoteliers like us to manage and consult your property not only is cost effective but      also provides some level of comfort and confidence that your investment is in good hands. Managing      hotels cannot be done thru 'trial and error' as it will be a costly exercise for Owners. It is a business for      Professionals.

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