Organization Structure & Business Model

Business Model:

Sherwood's business model is to secure pre-opening consulting contracts and thereon, for post management services. We offer Hotel Owners the flexibility and option to enter into a short 2 or 3 years management consulting contract or a full management service contract .

Basically 2 main areas of consulting services as described on this page:

1. Pre-Opening Management Consulting Services - As project and management consultants.

2. Post Management Consulting Services - Assumed responsibilities as Hotel Operator.

Structure of Management Fees

Our structure of professional management fees are based on the services required.
As a guidance, our fees structure are as follows:

Pre-Opening Management Fees  - (based on services on this page)
Our fees structure is very much related at what phase of the project we come in, no. of rooms inventory and facilities and the extend of services required.

Post Management Services  -  (based on services on this page)
Our fees package depends on the size of the property/ hotel and what scope of services are required of us. We structure our services differently for other Hotel Operators. There is value creation in our services.

* Fees structure for both services above are at one flat rate structure.

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